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The Cure Starts Now is vested in representing DIPG patients and all cancer families in our efforts.  We love to go above and beyond to understand your wishes and make sure we give our children the attention and support they deserve.  We work tirelessly to spread their story around the world and amplify your message, we will continue to do this until a cure is found.   We want to make sure you have the resources you need to honor your child.

DIPG Warrior


DIPG Warrior is The Cure Starts Now’s way to support your family and friends through awareness, support, fundraising and more than anything, honoring your DIPG Warrior. The program is free to ALL DIPG families whether they are currently battling or not.

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Monkey in My Chair

Monkey in My Chair

We provide a monkey kit to help kids who are out of school for cancer treatments, completely free to children battling cancer. The packs not only help the child, but also helps their classmates cope with the situation and provides tools to teachers to better manage your child’s re-entry to school while keeping them involved while out of the classroom. We are happy to help with getting a pack sent to you. Learn more.

Learn More About Monkey In My Chair

DIPG Registry


Receiving a diagnosis of DIPG and going through treatment are difficult for patients and their families.  The Cure Starts Now, in collaboration with the DIPG Collaborative members, completely fund this innovative DIPG Registry.  The DIPG Registry and website provides information about DIPG, its treatment, and ongoing and planned research. The website also provides contact information for DIPG experts if you or your doctor would like to arrange a consultation.  Please feel free to contact us to connect you with those experts direct.

Visit the DIPG Registry

Lauren Hill: Superhero


We are happy to setup a celebration page for all the little heroes battling cancer. We have a quick info sheet you can fill in and return and we can put your child on our hero page. Tribute funds can also be added to give your friends and family a way to donate to research in your child’s name

Meet Our Heroes



The Cure Starts Now was founded by cancer parents, Brooke & Keith Desserich.  Nearly all of our chapters are also run by cancer families in honor of their children.  What does this mean?  We are passionate about funding research in the most effective and efficient way possible.  We are also acutely aware of what DIPG and other cancer families are facing and provide the support you need!  

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