Sheila Tillman Director of Events

Sheila Tillman, Director of Events

1. What brought you to CSN?
I was introduced to CSN shortly after moving back to Cincinnati when my mother asked if I wanted to volunteer with her at The Beer Wine and Food Festival.    I knew I had stumbled into something special and I was truly taken back by CSN’s mission and their approach to finding the HOMERUN CURE.   I do not have a connection to cancer in my family, but over many months of volunteering I found myself wanting to give back and be involved as often as possible, offering my time and skills.

2. What I do at CSN
My “title” is Event Coordinator.  I focus on in-house and third party Cincinnati events and fundraisers.  As an event coordinator, I not only plan Cure Starts Now events, I work with a wide range of people from business, families and volunteers who all have the desire & drive to raise awareness and money for research.  Planning, coordinating and executing an event is a lot of work and often people need assistance with where to start and what to do next….that’s where I come in.  Additionally, I travel around the country assisting our team with the wide range of events to help support our chapters.

3. What I like most about my job
I don’t wake up every day and consider what I am doing a “job”….  I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to use the skills I have developed from over 15 years of being a small business owner and planning thousands of events.  Coming into the office is more like going to a family members home...The Cure Starts Now is comprised of fun, outgoing, unbelievably caring and dedicated people who are more than co-workers.

4. What moment have you cherished most at CSN?
Getting to know our chapters, families and volunteers is one of the most beloved parts of my “job”.  It makes every day rewarding and reminds me that I made the right choice in choosing to join the CSN family.  Even better is that after working side-by-side many times I have made many a new friends! Another one of my favorite moments would be watching researchers be presented with a grant and knowing that the money raised is another step closer to finding a cure.  Getting to see the impact of everyone’s hard work and efforts is very rewarding.

5. Many people would be surprised if they knew I…
I have a tank full of seahorses.  I’m that gal in the car next to you who’s always singing (even when I don’t know the words) and I adore snail mail…there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten letter.