Indiana (Addison's Sunshine)

CONTACT: Heidi and AJ Varns
LOCATION: Bargersville, Indiana 46106
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 317-408-5849

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In honor and celebration of Addison Varns

Addison Michelle Varns, only 11 years young, traded her sword for her angel wings on August 11, 2023, after battling DIPG valiantly for 53 months. To know her was to love her and she never met a stranger. She was spunky and simply a sweet ray of sunshine. This world is a little less bright without “Addison’s Sunshine” being present. She left this world but not without giving us one last gift. She so bravely donated her brain and spine for further research to help be part of finding the cure for this deathly disease. Please help us continue Addison’s fight by donating in her honor. #AddisonsSunshine #thisfightaintover

In a world of innocence, a radiant ray,
An 11-year-old sunshine girl, brightening each day,
Fighting DIPG, a battle so tough,
With courage unwavering, she showed more than enough.

For four long years, she faced the storm,
With a spirit so joyful, her heart so warm,
Through hospital stays and endless trials,
Her strength and her laughter spanned countless miles.

Her name was a melody, a song of delight,
A lantern of hope, a comforting light,
Addison called them the 4-pack, a family so strong,
In love’s embrace, they all did belong.

She spread her sunshine, to friends and to all,
Her smile infectious, like a comforting shawl,
In school halls and playgrounds, her presence would gleam,
A reminder of courage, a vibrant dream.

Though DIPG was a challenge, she showed no fear,
In the face of adversity, she held her cheer,
Now she rests in heaven, her journey complete,
Leaving behind memories, oh so sweet.

A brave little warrior, now free from the pain,
In hearts she’ll forever remain,
A sunshine girl, her legacy true,
In the love that surrounds, and the skies so blue.

"Thankful doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about our supporters that donate to The Cure Starts Now because to our family, donations mean fulfilling Addison's last wish and the promise we made with her. Hope for vital research to be funded. Vital research that can save so many children. No donation is too small. Every penny matters. Just like every child matters.  Donate today to help be part of making her last wish come true!" - The Varns Family

The Cure Starts Now (501c3 Federal Non-Profit) is one of the only cancer foundations dedicated to a “homerun” cure for all cancers, starting first with one of the most deadly and difficult cancers: pediatric brain cancer. Many experts believe that the lessons we learn from fighting pediatric cancer may in fact provide us the critical first step in winning the battle against all forms of cancer, both pediatric and adult.