Financial Support

Although The Cure Starts Now's mission is to fund cancer research, we understand that battling brain cancer puts a heavy financial burden on families. From medical bills to travel, it can all be overwhelming. Our various partners offer financial assistance to families of children with brain cancer and are listed below:

The Brooke Healey Foundation is a New Jersey based organization dedicated to fighting DIPG and other pediatric cancers. They fund research through the DIPG Collaborative, directly help families through out the United States, and award scholarships.

Reflections Of Grace Foundation offers financial assistance grants to families of children with brain cancer.

The Love, Chloe Foundation offers financial assistance to families in Central Kansas. This support is available to children undergoing treatment for any form of cancer.

Aidan's Avengers family support program provides financial support to families of children diagnosed with brain tumors in PA, NJ, DE, MD and NY.

The Brain Tumor Drug Copayment Assistance Program, a program of the Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc., provides financial assistance to families who need help covering the cost of certain drugs used to treat Primary Malignant Brain Tumors (Grade 3 or 4).

Lauren's Fight for Cure is a Southeast Indiana Foundation that offers young adults diagnosed with DIPG end of life gifts or financial assistance grants. For those diagnosed after their 18th birthday, they may be considered for a wish trip.

The Yuvaan Tiwari Foundation provides financial support to families in the U.S. with a child diagnosed with DMG/DIPG. Applicants may request support for travel to hospitals, accommodation, medical treatments, or a special gift/experience for the child.