Get involved. Fundraise today!

Whether it is on social media, email or face-to-face, asking individuals to donate to the effort is the easiest way to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. Try asking for donations during major life events like birthdays and anniversaries.  Both businesses and people respect the battle that our warriors face and will understand how important it is to fund research to find and end to cancer. Need help amplifying your message? Just ask us, we have sample letters and easy to use tools to make it simple.

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Need some other fundraiser ideas?

Run a Race
Donate Your Birthday
Dress Down
Dress Down at Work
Bake Sale
Host a Bake Sale
Garage Sale
Host a Garage Sale

You can build a fundraiser around something that is easy to do and you enjoy doing, like your hobby. It will make it easy for your friends and family to support your cause. Bake, grow a beard, color your hair, run a 5K, do a weight loss challenge, paint a picture, serve some ice cream, set up a car wash. You are empowered to make a fundraiser for just about anything. Have an idea and need help executing it? Let us know!