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Hope Rising: Funding Progress in DIPG Research

Dasgupta Presentation

In their tireless pursuit of effective treatments for pediatric brain cancers, Dr. Biplap Dasgupta and his team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center stumbled upon an unexpected existing compound that exhibited promising results in targeting specific mutations within DIPG models. The potential of this compound to halt tumor growth would make a significant stride forward in the battle against this aggressive form of brain cancer.

What sets this discovery apart is its potential to expedite clinical trials for children. The compound in question has already undergone testing in adults, paving the way for accelerated trials in pediatric patients. This means that children fighting brain cancers like DIPG/DMG may soon have access to a treatment that has already shown efficacy in adult populations.


We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Dasgupta has been presented with $68,250 from The Cure Starts Now to continue his critical research. This generous contribution was raised at The Cure Starts Now Once in A Lifetime Gala & Auction, held in Cincinnati, Ohio. With more than 900 people in attendance, hearts were opened to learn about the possible advancements that could come from Dr. Dasgupta's work as he spoke passionately about the importance of studying these molecules.

The presentation of the check was a hopeful moment, with Chapters of The Cure Starts Now who had tragically lost their children to pediatric brain cancer standing by to offer their support and solidarity.

As we continue our journey to eradicate pediatric brain cancer, let us draw inspiration from this milestone and renew our commitment to the cause. Together, we can turn the tide against this devastating disease and bring hope to countless families worldwide.

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