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Wyatt's Victory Garden: Cultivating Hope in the Face of Childhood Cancer

Wyatt Reber

In the heart of a small town, nestled amidst fields and farms, there resides a special little boy named Wyatt Reber. At just three years old, Wyatt was diagnosed with ependymoma, a rare form of brain cancer. As the cherished first child of Alexa and Matt Reber, he possesses a gentle soul that radiates kindness. Though initially shy around new faces, his warmth and innocence captivate all who have the privilege of meeting him. With a protective nature towards his little sister, Wyatt embodies the essence of a loving big brother.

The journey that unfolded for Wyatt and his family at the beginning of last year was one marked by resilience and hope. Countless hospital visits, grueling treatments, and moments of uncertainty could not dim his determination to persevere. Wyatt found solace and joy in an unexpected place – his garden. To Wyatt, his garden is more than just a patch of earth; it is a sanctuary of healing and hope. With tender care and boundless enthusiasm, Wyatt tends to his "grow babies," as he affectionately calls the seeds he plants. He nurtures them with unwavering devotion, cheering them on as they grow and flourish under his watchful gaze.

In honor of Wyatt's unwavering courage, his family lovingly named this sacred space "Wyatt's Victory Garden."  Amidst the vibrant blooms and fluttering monarchs released by Wyatt himself, one can witness the enduring beauty of hope and perseverance.

Now that he is no longer in active treatment and continues to receive positive scans, Wyatt and his family's focus shifts towards securing a cure in their back pocket should his cancer ever reoccur.

“The prognosis on most, if not all, recurrent brain cancers is abysmal," his mom, Alexa, wrote, "—it’s a horrifying reality we worry about every day. We’ve said over and over we want a cure in our back pocket should Wyatt ever need it. We pray he doesn't every day.”
Wyatt Reber

To support their mission, Wyatt and his family have embarked on a noble endeavor – selling the flowers from Wyatt's Victory Garden and other items at their local farmer's market. Every dollar raised will go towards funding vital pediatric brain cancer research through The Cure Starts Now, funding hope for families like theirs. “We’ve met so many families that are desperate for a miracle cure now,” Alexa wrote, “—if there’s any chance we can help move the dial towards that miracle cure, we’ll do whatever we can.”

As ambassadors of The Cure Starts Now, the Reber family is one of hundreds fundraising this spring, standing united in their quest for a miracle cure. For Wyatt and countless others like him, every step forward in research brings them one step closer to the miracle they so desperately seek. Through Wyatt's journey, we are reminded that even in the face of adversity, miracles can blossom – one flower, one donation, one act of kindness at a time.

To learn more about Wyatt's story, please visit his tribute page.