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Children's Cancer Institute - $99,251

Dr. Fatima Valdes Mora
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September 2020

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Discovering New Epigenetic Players in DIPG Oncogenesis

Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is the most aggressive brain tumour in children. DIPG accounts for 10-15 percent of all paediatric central nervous system tumours. Every year in US 300 children are diagnosed with DIPG and 300 children will die of this disease. By conducting fundamental research, we will investigate companion proteins, called epigenetic factors, of H3.3K27M, the most prevalent mutation found in DIPG, that contribute to the development of this cancer. Despite the fact that these protein partners are key to the normal functioning of H3.3 and have been link to other cancers, they have never been investigated in the context of DIPG. This study will lead to the identification of new therapeutic targets tailored for DIPG, an urgent need of this disease.

2021 Research Update - The H2A.Z-nuclesome code in mammals: emerging functions