Heidi Varns Director of Family Support and Outreach

Heidi Varns, Director of Family Support and Outreach

1. What brought you to CSN?
I was drawn to this organization because of their outpouring support for families and the fact that everything they do is done specifically for the children! That inspired me to fulfill my passion to connect with families and wanting to help provide them resources and support that we, as a fighting family, were so desperately searching for at the beginning of our own journey with DIPG. It wasn't until we connected with TCSN that we found exactly what we were needing to be able to fight this battle.

2. What I do at CSN
My role at TCSN is the Family Support and Outreach Coordinator. I work closely with families providing them resources and hope while battling cancer. I want nothing more than to take our pain and turn it into other families hope. No family should ever be told to "go home and make memories". It is my mission to make sure that every family in the battle knows that there is more that can be done. There is hope!!!

3. What I like most about my job
With me being new at TCSN, I am excited to see what I will like most about my "job". I say "job" because I do not look at it as a "job" but instead as helping other families fight, providing them hope in the worst scenario's imaginable, being there to celebrate the victories and being that person to lean on in good times and bad. I keep pinching myself to make sure this isn't a dream! I'm eager and excited to have a little hand in being part of finding the Homerun Cure.

4. What moment have you cherished most at CSN?
Without a doubt, the Blast Cancer Fun Walk held in Franklin, IN. The amount of love and support shown to the families was humbling, to say the least. I cannot wait to be part of more impactful events.

5. Many people would be surprised if they knew I…
...never played any sports in high school but now as an adult I play competitive volleyball weekly. Our team is currently the reigning champions! I also love any and everything that involves the sun or sunshine as that represents the love our family has for one another....a love that is bright, beautiful and constant.