Katie Zimmerman Graphic Design Marketing Assistant

Katie Zimmerman, Graphic Design Marketing Assistant

1. What brought you to CSN?
I had been working at a marketing agency but was really wanting the work I was create to have a larger impact. I was tired of creating marketing for marketing's sake with the only goal being the company's bottom line. When I saw the job posting for The Cure Starts Now, I knew it would be a great fit.

2. What I do at CSN
I help create whatever creative items are needed: event logos, signage, forms, flyers, etc. Anything that needs to be designed for an event could come across my plate!

3. What I like most about my job
I love that I am having a part - albeit a small part - in raising money for cancer research. I also love being able to develop creative items for a variety of events and have fun with the designs.

4. What moment have you cherished most at CSN?
It was my fourth day and I was making my Graeter's store visits for Cones for the Cure. I had visited one of my locations and ended up talking to the store manager for a little bit. I got to hear about why Cones means so much to her and how much work her and her team had put into decorating their store. It was so cool to be able to see how the event came alive in that store and energized the crew so much.

5. Many people would be surprised if they knew I…
Did taekwondo for 11 years and got my first degree black belt two weeks before my 16th birthday!