Jim Getgey Director of Communications and Partnerships

Jim Getgey, Director of Communications and Partnerships

Mr. Getgey came to CSN after founding a youth Leadership Institute and 30 years as a top marketing executive. His experiences include work with The Philadelphia Phillies, The PGA TOUR, Summer and Winter Olympics and the Hearst Corporation. Jim is also a certified leadership speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

1. What brought you to CSN?
I have always been aware of The Cure Starts Now through their work with the Gala, Gold Star Chili and Graeter’s. My admiration stems from their concept of the “Homerun” Cure and their endless passion on research / innovation as the answer. “You cannot make a lightbulb by doing R&D on a candle”…. I have always strived to ensure the team I am on is doing ground-breaking and valuable work for others and this team has been doing amazing work for 15 years.

2. What I do at CSN
The title says Marketing Director, yet our team knows that each and everyone of us is multi-faceted with tremendous skills and abilities. Our objective is to grow the charity so that we can provide more research dollars leading to the Homerun Cure. I so love when “The Cancer Rebel” reminds us that ribbons don’t cure cancer – research does. Our $18,000,000 worth of funding for pediatric brain cancer highlights where OUR focus is and how We roll. So when people ask what I do….. “We provide research dollars that will end cancer”.

3. What I like most about my job
I love the people around me whether they are a Warrior, An Ambassador, Teammate or Corporate Supporter. There is a passion that runs throughout the organization and you can actually feel it everyday with those around you. Finding a Homerun Cure is not a wish or hope. The energy of The Cure Starts Now is real and WILL make the difference. The events of the entire organization are a great perk because they are always fun and help spread the message of OUR value to all.

4. What moment have you cherished most at CSN?
Being one of the most recent hires, I can honestly say that walking in the front door the very first day and seeing all the Heart pictures from the Heart Auction campaign. It stopped me full in my tracks and a tear to my eye as I looked upon all the colors and knew the smiles that children had when making the hearts. Knowing that I was now part of a team that would find a cure for something that has taken way too much away from way too many of us.

5. Many people would be surprised if they knew I…
Many people are surprised when they find out I have finished 5 marathons. Truth be told, my brother challenged me and I lost the first one, so I did a second and lost again. We grew up with the mentality of you play until you win so I eventually won the third (against my brother). I plan to carry that mentality into this position then I can say, “I was part of a team that helped cure all cancers”…